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Recently in our Sunday morning service we have been studying the seven 'signs' in John's Gospel. John chose to record only seven miracles performed by Jesus. John explains why he wrote his Gospel in chapter 20 verse 31. In his Gospel John answers three questions:

What do we need to believe?

What does it mean to believe?

Why do we need to believe?


We need to believe Jesus is the Christ and the Son of God. When John identifies Jesus as the Christ, he's saying that we need to believe that Jesus is the one who will fulfil all the promises God made to His people. These promises tie the entire OldTestament together and they all centre on a person, Jesus Christ.

In identifying Jesus as the Son of God, John is declaring that Jesus is God, because only someone divine could do all that God promised in the Old Testament.


But what does it mean to believe? The word 'believe' translates the Greek 'pisteuo' which means 'to trust',' to put one's faith into something or someone'. It requires trusting one's whole self into what Christ said and accomplished.


So, why do we need to believe? One of the dominant themes of John's Gospel is our need for life, and it's always connected to the person and work of Jesus Christ. 

Please read John 1:4, 3:16, 5:24, 11:25-26 and 14:6.

The life we need – spiritual, eternal life comes only through belief in Jesus Christ .Through faith we are adopted by God into His family. So, when we believe in Christ, we begin to truly live.